About us at Repina linen

Who are we and whats our background ?

My name is Tatjana,

  • My interest with pure natural flax linens began 20yrs ago.
  • It was at this time, I discovered the importance of the health benifits from flax linen.
  • I already had a degree in designing, so the next logical step for me, was to produce my own range of products.
  • After a lot of research I found the best flax fabric suppliers in Europe,
  • I started to build up a large following for my products.
  • It was surpising how many people were unaware of the benefits of natural flax linens.
  • So therefore I decided to spread the word to help everyone live a healthier life, while also protecting our planet.
  • My surname at this time was Repina, therfore it seemed logical to name my company Repina linen.
  • Since 2015 my Husband has been working alongside me.
  • Making it possible to produce top quality bespoke handmade goods inhouse.
  • While keeping prices affordable for all our lovely customers.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read about our beginnings.